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Tips for College Success In and Out of Class

Most students believe that being intelligent is what makes one achieve success in college. However, the good news is that it takes more than intelligence to figure out how to succeed in community college. Study skills for college students pdf are important materials to help you figure out how to succeed in college. Study skills are important to determine how you study, manage your time, and what to do in and out of class.  There are many books on study skills for college that can provide you with tips for college success you may find helpful in boosting your grades. However, here are some of the summarized tips for college success to emerge successfully.

  1. Avoid missing classes

Unless you have an absolute and valid reason, always make a point to attend all classes in college. Attending classes is one of the main tips for success in college.  Going to class makes you avoid bigger headaches, such as failing to understand what the assignments are about or that question in the exam is about.  Going to class should be a habit to love. Ensure you arrive early for classes and sit at the front rows to see the board well and make it easier for your teacher to identify you and help you in areas he sees you feel challenged.  Meet your classmates and exchange contact information that can be useful when creating study groups. Seek your instructor’s contact information and ensure to have a copy of the syllabus to be aware of what is expected of you.

  1. Have a study schedule out-of-class

 Always have a regular study routine that you are disciplined well enough to follow.  Creating a habit of studying daily makes you conditioned to absorbing new concepts each day and grasp what you study. Select the appropriate study environment that is distraction-free to focus on your studying. Keep your phone and laptop away to avoid checking that notification that could probably make you close your books.  When studying, always have the necessary materials like pens, paper, notebooks, etc. prior enough.  When starting to study, seek to handle the difficult or the most boring subjects first when you are still energized to understand something new at the end of the day.

  1. Doing assignment

Doing your assignment is one of the most important tips for success in college. Always read your assignment to understand the concept to be discussed in that paper. Seek to understand what your teacher expects to see in that assignment to grade it highest.  Allocate time to take care of the assignment to avoid procrastinating and ending up stressed at the last minute before due dates. Remember to avoid plagiarism in your assignment. When you have used sources of information to handle your assignment, always remember to cite the sources in your references.

  1. Having a positive attitude

It is vital to have a positive attitude towards your teacher, the subject, and your classmates. They come in handy when you understand what is to be covered according to the syllabus.  Having a bad attitude towards your teacher makes it hard for you to learn from them.  The campus learning material for your subject of study should be used to the maximum; therefore, never hesitate to ask for help.

  1. Have a social life

Studying and always staying in the library is not effective in making you successful in college. Seek to know your classmates during school co-curricular activities, and you may find that one classmate who is willing to provide you support academically and socially.


College life can be stressful if you are not disciplined and organized in handling activities outside class and managing your class schedules. Your study habits can greatly influence your transition from that C grade to an A grade when you are determined and focused on going beyond the average grade. With commitment, and preparation, you can handle your exams and emerge successful. Your college life may not be as boring as it seems for the “intelligent” students.


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