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Tricks For Studying Economics Before Exam

The exam has just arrived, and you have been procrastinating for the rest of the semester, and you have just one night to make all things get into shape. Adrenaline will then kick in, and your mind will actively tell you to study. Here are some tips that will help you pass your subsequent examination if you only have an hour left to study.

Check for your notes and rewrite them

The very first step that you need to do in preparing for your economics exams is to ensure that you fully understand all the content that has gotten covered in the syllabus. You need to take about 2 hours to refresh your mind by doing this as you prepare for the next day.

Utilizing the rule of three

The rule of three suggests that you take your notes, and then we write them at least three times. Avoid reading over the notes because it’s a massive study with the lowest return value for memory retention. Therefore, you should look for a paper and pen and start writing down the main ideas as you go through the notes. You will be actively involved in the task, and that will go a long way to improve your memory which you will utilize the next day when in class.

Convert the dot points of the syllabus to Short questions and answers

As you flip through your pages and notes, you can quickly test your knowledge by writing the if you turn all the dot points of the syllabus in took some questions. You will be doing the exercise and answering their questions using a short format, consequently developing a technique for exams when economics exams come flying by your face. It is a simple thing to do because you only need to add a verb at the start Point and add a question mark at its end.

Develop a one-page summary of the main points

You must spend your time creating a watch list with real examples of the world, statistics, and case studies that you can utilize to explain the theory you apply. You can do this by creating either A1 or A2 of the essential and critical statistics of Economics and also provide examples that you will need to use in Remembrance for the economics course. Doing this will consume about an hour of your time, and therefore you can do it quickly. To make you even go faster, ensure that you go through the course and syllabus. For each dot point or topic, identify the critical statistics in them and then go ahead to write them down, head over there to the internet, and look for the latest information.

Try writing practice essays

You should try to sharpen your skills in writing the economics essay because it takes a considerable chunk of your marks in the final grading. Because this will involve your writing, it will be a great way to jog your brain and help you locate the information, and bolster the recall memory for your paper the next day. Try finding essay questions for practice, at least for them from the past exam papers. You should then give yourself at least a quarter of an hour to write each essay and the timeless as you would in an exam setting.

Attempt a past paper and complete it

Ensure that you go through the whole paper without checking for answers in your book. Try giving yourself the same time as allocated for the exam because it will resemble almost the same time you will use to do the paper while you sit for your exam the following day. Write short answers utilizing the dot point format, and focus on writing the main concepts and the critical examples that you would use in the same situation. Use the essays to write a structure with diagrams and examples. Ensure that you fully understand whatever you’re writing because the exam is in less than 24 hours, and you need to have all the information to pass it.


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